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Our Mission for starting this startup is to provide technical support to those creative entrepreneurs who have a product idea but, but don’t know how to build it practically due to lack of technical knowledge and limited project budget.

Our team has highly experienced in Electronics Engineers, Mechanical engineers, Android app developers, web developers, and graphics designers. Which plan and develop your idea into a tangible product at the minimum development budget.

Apart from prototype development for startups we also develop products at small pieces (5-100) So that you can test your product into the target market and predict or plan the future scope of the product.

A successful startup needs marketing and good sales, most of the tech entrepreneurs lack in marketing and sale, for your growth we provide you FREE sales and marketing consultancy, and frameworks so that you entrepreneur operate your business systemically by using Standard Operating Processers. We also provide fund 5k-50k for your startup so that you can test your product into the market.

For Any Enquiry And Question Please Call us 24/7.

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The prime focus of our team is to deliver well-researched robust solutions that benefit our customers in long term durability, reliability and cost optimisation of the final product.

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I am very impressed with MLVolt. They really provide product of superb quality at a very low cost. The people at MLVolt are great! They are a pleasure to work with. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with MLVolt.


Software Company

I am very happy with the products, service and support from MLVolt. It was great to collaborate with you guys!!

Himanshu Mishra

Tred E

Great people working here. I am excited to work on some future projects too with MLVolt.

Manoj Chaubey


I was highly impressed with their products at great cost. Good technical support's efforts, and their immediate response in getting new product for us.

Ritik Agrawal

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